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$100+ (this is the minimum for all custom cake orders) 
To give you an idea, most custom birthday cakes end up between $150 and $300 with wedding cakes usually $300+.
Please reach out to me for a quote. Pricing can be highly variable depending on the design you select and the corresponding time & material cost.
I want to try my best to make each customers dream come true, so please start your request with your *dream* design and if it falls out of budget or I have minimal availability, we can work together to make adjustments to try to get it in the right price or time range :)
**A note to my customers about custom cake pricing**
Why do custom cakes cost so much more?? Custom cakes are pricier than basic cakes as they often require design research, multi step processes, techniques that are time consuming and purchase of additional costly materials to ensure stability of the cake (cake drum base, specialty cake boxes and support beams for tiered cakes). Please DO NOT haggle my prices, I want your business and a happy customer, so I quote fairly and am willing to provide a breakdown of my quote upon request.
Order Notice:
A minimum 2 week notice is required for all orders.
For a higher likelihood of availability for your event date, 1-2 months notice is ideal. I can sometimes squeeze in last minute orders, however this may me reflected in your quote.
Sizing & Shape
I offer 6" to 14" round cakes, tiered cakes, quarter and half sheet cakes, barbie cakes, simple carved cakes and cupcake cakes.
Alternate shapes can be made, with advance notice and agreement from me :)
Cake Type/Flavor
One flavor per tier. 
Two flavors are available for half sheet cakes for an additional charge (+$20). 
Cake Fillings: 
All options are available for non-tiered and non fondant cakes.
For Tiered & Fondant Cakes the filings and frostings listed below are available:
Frosting: Swiss meringue buttercream (standard), american buttercream and ganache (of any flavor)
Filling: Swiss meringue buttercream (standard), american buttercream, ganache, or very light layer of fresh fruit, fruit preserve, custard or curd. Unfortunately, whipped cream or marshmallow cream is not available for these types of cakes.
** A note to my customers about tiered and fondant cakes**
Tiered cakes are unbelievably HEAVY and a fondant covering can also add weight, even to a one tier cake. So you don't end up with a disaster cake at your event, I only offer tiered and fondant cakes in the options listed. These have been proven to be stabile enough to stand transportion conditions & endure a variety of storage conditions and event temperatures. I am willing to work with you on other options with the understanding that I am not liable once the cake leaves my shop (even if I am transporting it!). These situations will require your signature on a liability waiver form in order to secure your order.
Cake Covering
Buttercream designs include "naked", smooth, textured, rosettes, ruffles, and ombre, 
Fondant designs include smooth, textured, ruffles ($$), rosettes ($$) and airbrushed
Ganache designs include "naked", smooth, textured and drip
For a smoother more elegant look, I recommend fondant. I have been told by customers that my fondant is not overly sweet or thick and is easily removed upon serving, for those who prefer not to eat it. Fondant covered cakes are first frosted minimally with buttercream then covered in fondant, so if fondant were to be removed there is still frosting underneath ;)
  • If you know what design you want.....please provide pictures of the design you are interested in in the request form (ie examples of what you have seen that you like) or a description of your theme, pictures of items you will use at the celebration (for matching) or simply a color scheme.
  • If you aren't sure what design you want....I have a plethora of ideas to offer so if you are unsure of what kind of design you want, please contact me as early as possible so that we may have time to workout the final design which often takes 1-2 weeks, via email, to finalize. Following your request and once a theme/color scheme is provided, I will email you a link to gDrive where you can browse some ideas.

Custom Cakes

making a celebration extra special

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