A temporary note regarding year end availability:

While I would love to take every order,

unfortunately, I am fully booked through 1/15/2019

and will not be accepting new orders prior to this date,

with the exception of holiday pre-order specials.

I will also not be replying to inquiries for orders needed prior to 1/15/2019;

however, if you would like to leave your name and a brief description of your
request I can contact you if there are any cancellations. :)

If you are inquiring for a date after 1/15/19, please be sure you have
provided the following information and I will reply within 3-5
business days (this allows me to focus on the orders due in the next
few days while still getting the ball rolling on your quote/order:

Date, time & location order is needed
- Items requested,  flavor and approx. quantity, size and/or servings needed
- Theme/design (send photos if you have any specific designs in mind)

Thanks again for reaching out and I look forward to working with you
or hope to work with you in the future 

Thanks for your inquiry!