Sugar & Share

Who Are We?

I'm Share, the founder and baker at Sugar & Share.

I am a pharmaceutical microbiologist by career (and day)

I am a home baker by passion (and night).

Baking is where my spirit comes alive. 

Sugar & Share is my home bakery business.

I am located in and serve the Half Moon Bay coast side and surrounding areas.

Our mission is to combine your inspiration and vision with our talent,

resulting in a perfectly delicious work of art. 

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All orders require a minimum of one week notice as long as I am not fully booked.

Availability can vary depending time of year.

Typically, I am booked 4-6 weeks out however, at peak times I may book 2-3 months in advance.

Specials & pop ups are announced via email to my subscribers list as well as social media.

Availability for specials/pop ups is depedent on amount of custom orders I have booked.


I shut down certain weeks each year for routine/adminisrative maintenance, and to spend some much needed quality time with my littles.


Please reach out to me via email to check for availability of the date you are interested in.

It is never to early to request me to hold a no commitment placeholder for your approximate date!























Offerings & Pricing

 We provide provide celebration and everyday treats!

We specialize in custom cakes, cupcakes, cakes pops & cookies, but the sky is the limit! 

The following list provides an idea of our base pricing. 

All custom requests will require a specific quote to ensure the design is quoted properly.






4" smash cake $25

Serves 1 happy kid



6" round $70

Serves 8 - 12

8" round $90

Serves 14 - 28

10" round $110

Serves 20 - 42

12" round $130

Serves 28 - 56

9x13" Sheet $100

Serves 24 - 54

11x15" Sheet $130

Serves 30 - 60

Add Ons

Additional Fillings $10+

Custom Design $50+

Fondant $30+

Round cakes include 3 layers of cake, 2 layers of buttercream filling and are approximately 6" to 7" tall.

Sheet cakes include 2 layers of cake, 1 layer of buttercream filling and are approximately 3" to 4" tall.

Cake Pops

Pricing Per Dozen

Standard $36

Shaped $48+

Add Ons $6+

Specialty Stick

Cardstock Topper

Edible Image


Standard includes white stick, color of choice, sprinkles and/or drizzle.

 Minimum order is 1flavor per dozen.


Pricing Per Dozen.


Mini $15

Standard  $36

Filled  $42


Cupcake Add Ons

Specialty Flavors - At Cost

Specialty Sprinkles - At Cost

Specialty Wrappers - At Cost


Cardstock $8

Edible Image $10+

Flat Fondant $12+

3D Fondant $18+

Mini Cookie $15

All cupcakes include sprinkles or flavor relevant toppers.

Minimum order for minis is1 flavor per 2 dozen. Minimum order for regular sized cupcakes is 1 flavor per dozen.

Decorated Cookies

Pricing Per Dozen

Minis $15

Minimum order is 2 dozen.

Up to 4 colors and 3 shapes.

Simple design, minimal writing

Basic $42+

Up to 4 colors and 3 shapes.

Simple design, minimal writing

Moderate $48+

4-6 colors and shapes.

Moderate design

For example: 

writing on some cookies, some embellishment or special techniques (e.g gold, airbrush, textures, stenciling)

Complex $60+

6+ colors and shapes.

Intricate design

For example:

Many different techniques/designs

Many cookies with writing

Character cookies

Cookie Add Ons

Edible Image $8

Packaging Add Ons

Cardstock Backing $6

Specialty Bows $8+

Specialty Boxes $12


Standard cookie size is 3"-4".

Minimum order is 1 dozen.

All cookies are individually bagged.

Other Desserts

Mini Pies


Mini Bundts

Cookie Sandwhiches

Stuffed Cookies

Sweet Bites

Cake Cups

Cookie Dippers

Cookie Dough Cups

Brownie Bites

Fudge Bites

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We can't wait to hear from you!


Keepin' Life Sweet,

 Share Stockman